Monday, November 07, 2005

the dreading hour

well its the time right before the test. you know the time where you feel like its pointless to try and study any more because you feel like if you don't know it by now you never will. also it's the time when you dread that you haven't studied enough or didn't study the right stuff that the teacher is gonna put on the test. The only time that is worse before a test is when you are actually sitting in the seat where you're gonna be taking the test at and waiting for them to hand out the test (and while they read off the stupid rules of test taking, yes we know the rules, we've taken tests before).

oh yeah, got another refund check today. it was for the internet connection in my room that i had applied to get a refund for (as i don't have my own comp with me) during week 3 or the semester. it is currently week 17 (actually they only count up to week 15 and then it's testing time). i'd just like to know how it takes like 14 weeks to process it, unless they ended up loosing it and then finding it. i had actually given up on getting that refund back. oh well, now i have a little more money to buy the souveniers (that's not spelled right i don't think) i haven't bought yet although i've been here since the beginning of february.

i could head to the building where my test is gonna be taken, but then i'd just be sitting there and will probably get more nervous than i already am (although i'm pretty sure i know enough to get a good enough grade on the test, plus we get a cheat sheet). i'll probably just surf the net for the next few minutes or so. laters

ps comments are nice (**hint hint**)


Ashley said...

Okay, one good comment deserves another. Even though I don't really have much to say. I have a scary physical chemistry quiz in a few hours and I have to study for that ... Blecchh. This is NOT going to be a good day.

Jen said...

Hey Darren!

A little birdie told me you are heading home on Sunday, so have yourself a safe trip! One of these days, perhaps I'll get back out to Tech and visit everyone. I miss all my Techie friends....SDSU just ain't cuttin the cheese anymore.

But have a fun trip! Take care!

Ashley said...

DARREN!! Welcome back. Call/email if you need anything. See ya Tuesday!