Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bike, concert, apartment, flight back, and more of the same

Don't really have much else to update everyone on, but from the title of this post you can see what the things are :-P

I finally bought myself a bicycle here.  Took a couple of trips to the bike store as the first time i went to it, they didn't have any used bikes out that would fit me (ie. i'm too short in this country, haha).  Said they had a couple others in the back so i went back the following day (yesterday).  The bike should work to get me to places that i don't want to walk to and that i really don't want to take a bus (or if the bus doesn't go to where i want to go).

This evening I'm going to an All American Reject concert in Amsterdam, so a bit excited about that.  The fact that the tickets were pretty cheap helps in that :-) Don't know many of their newer songs so i'm trying to learn those right now.  Assuming they'll play some of their older stuff.

On Tuesday, I'm going to be going to look at a couple of apartments, so I may have a place of my own towards the beginning of next month.  I'll get pictures up of whatever place I move into, especially after i make it to IKEA in order to personalize it a bit more :-)  I think i am a little set on the place, but my opinion could change depending on the vibe i get once i see the apartment in person.

I have flights booked to fly back to Denver on October 27th.  I'll be there until November 7th when i fly to Iceland for a couple days.  I will continue onto Amsterdam on November 11th.  Things i know i'm already looking forward to are: celebrating a late 3rd b-day with my nephew, seeing my niece (who is hopefully born by then), see other family, and of course friends :-)

Oh, there is one other thing.  There's a possibility that i might get to go to Sweden for work for a couple days.  Don't really know any of the details (ie how many people my work is going to send), but i'll try to keep people updated.  I just realized that I've actually gone to Geneva between my last post and this one.  That will have to be another post later on.  For now though, you can see my pictures here, and below is a single preview.

flower clock

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