Thursday, April 21, 2005

sailing trip

hm....where do i start with the sailing trip? i guess i'll start with that i almost missed it 'cause i thought my flight left the day it actually did. luckily i looked at my tickets to check for sure when i left, and it all turned out fine.

after getting up to airlie beach and checked into the hostel i was staying at, i went for a walk to see all of what was there. i walked around the entire town or whatnot and it didn't even take 1/2 an hour. in about the middle near the coast there were a couple of pools which in spots also had a "beach". forgot to take a picture of it, but speaking of pictures i updated my albums. the day before the sailing trip actually begun i layed around the pool area and got sunburned. i put sunscreen on, but on my back there was a nice little strip going across it where i was unable to reach. oh well.

the sailing was awesome. woulda been better if it hadn't rained everyday (all except for the last day as we were heading back to airlie beach). the rain itself really didn't last all that long either, it just seemed to be that about the time we were getting dry from the previous little rain, another downpour would start. they did have rain jackets for us though. if they didn't i'm pretty sure almost all of us woulda been staying in the cabin part of the boat. there was 30 of us if you count the 4 crew members. there was a lot of different countries that people came from that were on the boat; usa, canada, switzerland, germany, and a couple others that i can't think of right now.

oh yeah and on the boat i think i ate better that i had for several weeks, maybe even months. one night we had roasted chicken, and another night we had steak (although i'm not too much of a steak fan it was really good).

can't think too much of what else to type about the trip. never mind i just thought of something. do you know how weird it is to look straight across the deck of the boat and see the ocean almost coming over the side of the boat? this happened everytime we actually used the sails on the boat (although i think the captain was just having fun with all of us non-sailors). when we used the sails, the boat would be a about a 45 degree angle with the water. it was fun seeing at the end of the trip that when we were tilting everyone was relaxed (some even sleeping) unlike the beginning of the trip when we were all holding on for our lives.

well its about noon here now, so i'm gonna go find something to eat.

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Ashley said...

Sounds cool, even with rain (remember, very dry -- except it's rained the last couple of days, so a little less dry than usual, but still not an ocean). Got your postcard -- woot! Passed it around, too (like I was supposed to).

Um, yeah. That's all. Have a good weekend!