Sunday, April 03, 2005

uneventful weekend

from the comment on my last post i guess the new issue of raver (the tech paper) came out and my article was in it. to those that read it, were there any photos? 'cause when i submitted it, i also sent a couple pics with it, since they said pics would be a plus. just wondering how well the photo actually turned out in black and white (if there was a photo).

not much else is going on. i can't believe that the semester's about 1/2 over here. luckly i only have one test this week, which is on thursday. although i do have another midterm test the week after getting back from the 2 week break. speaking of break, i'm getting really anxious for the break to get here so i can go sailing. hopefully i'll be able to get some really good pics of the ocean, fish, etc. i hope i see a sea turtle, 'cause i'm trying to get pictures of the different fish in finding nemo. so far i have a pic of clown fish, a jelly fish, and a star fish (although the pic i have is of a blue one, not a pink one). actually i would just really like to see a sea turtle.

the only other thing i can really thing of going on this week is that it's the volleyball championship game (for the preseason tourney). i think my team has a good chance of winning, as long as we don't fall into a rut and make a lot of simple mistakes.

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