Friday, July 23, 2010

Weekend plans

Seems i'm always running about one week (or more) behind in my postings of what's going on. Don't really have anything exciting that's gone on since my last post. Last weekend i had gone back to Modena to get the balsamico that i didn't get the previous weekend. Then the rest of the weekend i just bummed around Bologna. Had gone to the outdoor pool on Sunday, but that was about it.

Work has been going pretty good. The next month is going to be rather interesting as about half the office is going to be gone. Heck starting Monday, my boss here is going to be gone for 2 weeks on his vacation. If only there was a way i could pretend that i'm at Nah, i don't think i could ever do that.

This weekend i'm not 100% sure what i'm going to do, but i think i might take a day trip to Venezia just to get some Venetian/Murano glass. Going to try and find a store i bought some glass pendants at 2yrs ago while i was here. Not really sure of the name of the place or really where it was located so i'm not expecting to really find it. I am expecting to find some other unique glass jewelry store in the process, so i don't think i'll really be too disappointed if i don't find the shop i'm looking for.

Options i'm thinking of for Sunday are to then take a day trip to Verona, Florence, the beach, or just stay in Bologna and go to the outdoor pool again. I think i'm leaning more towards the beach....just gotta decide which one i would want to go to.

Right now there is a lightning storm in the distance which is rather pretty to watch from the terrace. it's not really dark enough so the flashes in the clouds are a bit of an orange color. Kinda hoping it makes it's way to Bologna as it would help cool things down a bit. Plus i always enjoy thunderstorms.

A spritz is now one of my favorite drink to have when it's hot out. I know that there's something similar in the states. actually they could be made about the same in the states, i'm not too sure. Anyways, you have a glass with ice in it, fill about 2/3rds of it w/ white wine (not sure if it really matters, but i think fizzy ones are best) then add Aperol (Campari can also be used, but is a bit too bitter for my taste buds) and then an orange slice. if you don't use fizzy wine you can add fizzy water or sprite/7-up to give it a bit of a bubbly look/taste :-P it's just a nice refreshing cold drink to have.

Anyways, that's all i have for now. Will let you know about my adventures this weekend. Ciao

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