Thursday, August 05, 2010

multi-week update

Well once again i've procrastinated on writing an entry. nothing really exciting has really happened in the last couple of weeks though. i guess last week i did play soccer a couple of times with a co-worker and some of his friends. it was pretty fun. we played 5v5 on artificial turf so it was definitely a fast paced game. other than that nothing really happened during the weekdays.

The past 2 weekends i've gone to Venice. the first time was to make it to Murano and buy some glass, which i definitely did :-P i was glad i was able to prevent myself from buying too many things. i really wanted to buy myself a nice vase or centerpiece, but then i talked myself out of it as i realized i was going to have to carry it with me on the plane. later though, i thought that if i spent a couple hundred dollars on it, what's another 40 or so to just mail it....kinda glad i didn't think of that while i was looking at them, lol. actually the ones i really liked were waaaaaay out of my price-range, but i can always dream :-P Since i did all my shopping and so on the saturday, on sunday i just went to the beach on lido and relaxed in the sun. i ended up meeting a couple of people, the first of which was actually was from hawaii, but has lived in italy for the last 15yrs or so. he then introduced me to his friends, which most of which spoke a little bit of english which was nice as then i was trying to learn some italian from them and they were learning a bit of english from me. this was actually the reason i basically went back last weekend as well. it was a fun group of people to hang out with at the beach and a way to work some on my italian while not feeling insecure while doing so. last weekend i also definitely needed a couple of days of sun and beach as the week had stressed me out.

that then brings us to this week. nothing that exciting has happened this week at all. there really hasn't been much time for anything to happen as i've been working 10hr days this week, which means all of tomorrow is going to be overtime :-) the downside of working 9-8, is that i really haven't had any food at my apartment since friday as the grocery stores close at 8:30 and the last time i was grocery shopping was last monday or so (and i only buy what i can carry, lol). so right now the food i have is some pasta (no sauce, but do have some butter), some slices of salami for sandwiches (but no bread), some mayo, nutella, and some beer (which is left over from when we hosted a bbq a couple weeks ago). once i run out of the nutella and beer, i'm really going to be in trouble, lol.

the other bad thing i guess is that i haven't made it to the gym this week at all for my training for Nepal/Mt. Everest. One week off won't really matter will it?

hmmm....what else???? there is a bit of a rumor that my office here is going to want to bring us back for 3 more months, which i think would be fun. the only problem i see is that i have the Nepal/Everest trip that would be right in the middle of it. So maybe they'll bring me back after my trip and i'll get to spend the holidays in Italy, which would definitely be different (in both a good and bad way). I do know that if they are going to be bringing me back i am most definitely going to get myself some better learning Italian books and CDs. plus i know i can work on my Italian during my Nepal/Everest trip since the one who invited me on the trip basically is fluent, or at least fluent enough in Italian.

Anyways, i should probably head to bed soon. Might wait until my clothes are done in the washer, although i don't think they'll really dry that quickly outside since it's been cloudy/rainy all day. Hopefully this weekend it will be nice.

Oh yeah, this weekend! This weekend i really don't have anything exciting planned. I am going to go to Florence on Saturday though and try to find a nice leather belt, not to mention anything else that jumps out at me, lol. Sunday i think i'll head to the outdoor pool if its nice, or maybe even try to head to a beach that's an hour or 2 away.

Alright, now i'm done. once again hopefully i won't take so long to write my next entry.

ciao tutti

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