Monday, August 23, 2010


So in less than a week, I will be heading back to Colorado. While it will be nice to get home, I really don't want to leave Italy. There has been many frustrating times here with work, being around people for nearly 24/7 that I never really hung out with while in Colorado (and one that I had never met before), and not really having anybody to hang out with (outside of said coworkers).

However, I still thoroughly enjoy Italy (or maybe just Europe). I enjoy seeing that the gender roles are a little more blurred. First example is of Italians kiss both cheeks when greeting or saying goodbye to their friends regardless of if their friend is of the same sex or not. The next example is just how people dress. Granted I mostly notice how guys dress, but it is acceptable for guys to wear short shorts or baggy shorts (same goes for swimwear, like i stated earlier in a blog). I believe the fashion or how guys dress is more European though, as in Australia I had noticed the same thing (more or less), and they have a pretty big European influence (correct me if I'm wrong). Anyways, i've digressed. I've enjoyed the food i've eaten here, even though most of it has been from Pranzo Piu which is the place that is near work that i got lunch from at least 80% of the time for lunch. I haven't nearly eaten as much gelato as i should have, but have had enough to fill my desire for it.....well almost, lol.

I am really hoping that after my trip to Nepal/Mt. Everest that my work will send me back here to continue working on the type of testing i've been doing here. Was actually hoping they might send me to Vancouver before my trip to Everest, but it doesn't sound like that is going to happen which makes me a little sad. Oh well though as by the time this year is over i'll have spent about 1/3 of it in a different country :-)

Things that I have missed while being here include (in order more or less):
1. Avery (and other family members)
2. AK (amongst many other friends like BF, BS, CK&KH, KS, LB, and MM to name a few)
3. A clothes dryer
4. Qdoba and Chik-fil-a
5. Mountains/camping

Qdoba and Chik-fil-a I could probably continue living without. Could probably also go camping here if i knew some people that had the gear to do so, so really it's just the top 3 things that i miss. Is it sad that a clothes dryer ranks up there with people???

Well i can't think of much else to write. i know i could probably write about the last 3 weeks or so, but don't really feel like it so i'm not :-P

Ciao tutti

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