Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Netherlands

Well, it looks like it's time to resurrect this blog again as I will be living/working abroad in the Netherlands for at least one year and quite possibly two. Probably could have written this post a while ago since right now I am in Washington DC on my way to the Netherlands.

I was selected back in December to work abroad so I was anticipating being gone several months ago, especially since in the original email about the opportunity to work abroad, it stated that they wanted people in the Netherlands early January. Things were a little slow moving until the last couple weeks. Last Monday when I got to work I had an email stating that the visa had been granted. By 3pm that same day I had flights booked to the Netherlands with a 2 day layover in DC so the visa could be put in my passport.

So needless to say, the last couple weeks have been pretty hectic with packing and trying to see people one last time. Definitely made the time go by pretty quickly though.

I've kinda surprised myself (and a lot of other people) that for the time abroad I have only packed two bags to check (which are borderline overweight), my carry-on bag, a personal item (laptop bag), and a Stitch :-P I am hoping that I haven't forgotten anything important.....guess I'll find out in a week or so.

Can't think of much else to type. My flight leaves DC on Friday evening, so I'll have some spare time to be a tourist after meeting the Dutch Consulate in the morning. I'm glad I'm not superstitious with flying on Friday the 13th, although I do wonder if the flight was a little cheaper.

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