Saturday, April 14, 2012

Made it

So, I made it to the Netherlands. The flight we (co-worker and I) were suppose to be on was overbooked, so we got changed to a different flight that arrived in Amsterdam about 25 minutes after the original flight and we got a $300 voucher. Sadly our luggage didn't make it onto the flight we got changed to. The luggage has arrived in the Netherlands though, so now we're just waiting for it to be delivered.

We've also been shown where to nearby grocery stores are and various other parts of Hillegom. I think I will have to go out exploring tomorrow or so as right now I could probably only point out the general direction of where things are, but only with about a 60% certainty.

The apartment is rather large and spacious. It has a patio as well so that will be nice as supposedly every now and then in the summer there's bbq where people just head up from the office. Living in the same building as where i will be working will definitely take some getting used. Not to mention I'm curious about how many times i will be setting the alarm off (i'll be keeping a tally i'm sure, haha).

Not sure what I will be doing the next couple days. I don't go to the Immigration and Tax Offices until Tuesday, so I'm not technically suppose to be working until I have been to them and gotten the equivalent of a social security number. More than likely I will just wander around Hillegom and get myself lost as that's a good way to learn directions and where things are at.

**4/15 edit/update
The luggage was delivered last night so i have all my clothes. hope the weather warms up a bit more tho as i mainly packed warmer weather clothes. although i guess this means i can go shopping :-P I'll survive though, haha

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Anonymous said...

Wahoo! Just now reading your blog. Look forward to hearing more about your experience as the days and weeks progress. When's the next entry? (hint). :-)
Be well and hope to see some more pictures up on facebook as well!
-Jim (the tallest one you know. Er, well, in the states.)