Wednesday, June 09, 2010

1st Tortellini in Bologna

There's a place to eat that is just a block or so away from work that everyone at the office tends to go to everyday for lunch, or at least that's where we've all gone the last 3 days to get food to take back to the office. The menu changes each day though, so its not like i've been eating the same thing for the last 3 days :-P Today I had some tortellini that had some cheese and some green veggie in it (spinach perhaps ???). As expected since tortellini is one of the culinary items Bologna is popular for, it was rather tasty. Probably not as tasty as it will be in a restaurant where things aren't cooked in bulk.

Another thing that is slightly different with lunch is that everyone (more or less) at the office actually eats at the same time in the lunch/break room where the tables are set up so you sit facing everyone. There are only about a dozen people that are at this office to begin so its not too crazy. Although still am clueless as a couple of the conversations that go on since they sometimes talk in Italian...guess i just need to learn it quicker :-P lol.

not really much to update everyone on...still just settling in. going to be heading to a mall after work today (ie in 1hr) and will get the things i don't have but think i should.

did try to find a plaza or a piazza last night that my italian coworkers said is the place to be tuesday nights, but didn't end up finding it. going to go next week with the coworkers that know where its at as they supposedly usually go (except for last night).

this weekend i'm planning on just getting on the bus and getting more or less lost in bologna to try and see where some things are at. basically just want to try and see what streets go where and to just get a bit more oriented while in the city center itself.

so i guess the link to the apartment isn't working right now...or at least it doesn't work when i click on it (well from facebook since this is imported into it). if you want to look at the apartment i was able to just google search "apartment bologna italy via emilia levante" and there was still a result that was titled "Apartment for rent in Bologna - via Emilia Levante - Int. A".

i'll still probably add pictures at some point (most likely to facebook).

but yeah, not much else to report. Ciao!

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