Wednesday, June 16, 2010


So earlier today asked about when the WiFi was getting set up in our apartment...and the answer was to not expect it any sooner than a couple of weeks...kinda angering but guess can't do to much about it. Altho depending on the time of day, weather, etc. we are able to mooch a weak unsecured WiFi signal from somewhere. A lot of the time to do so we have to be standing on the patio/deck with the laptop sitting on the railing (seriously if u take a chair to sit down there's a pretty good chance you'll lose the signal, lol). guess it's not too bad though as am able to do all the email checking and such from work right now, but that might change once we are given the word to start testing.

hmmm....other news......

i have a cell phone but still have yet to get a SIM card for it as when i got the phone at the electronic store nobody really spoke English and i didn't want to end up with a monthly phone plan. I will be figuring out how to get one rather shortly though, as it's kinda important since our work has no way of contacting us if we aren't at work (ie. no landline phone and no internet). also it would be nice for anybody else i may meet to be able to contact me (not to mention if there's an emergency back in the states).

tomorrow i'm going to go to a gym with one of my italian coworkers and thinking i will join the gym for a couple months or so in order to train for my Nepal/Mt. Everest trek since i'm pretty sure i'll have lost the altitude advantage that i would have had from being in CO and just running every couple of days or so.

Similarly today i need to go find a beach towel or at least a 2nd towel to use if i go to the beach or pool (or the gym which is why it's "similarly" :-P). Currently once a week a cleaning service or so cleans our apartments and leaves a set of towels for each of us (kinda spoiled with that i know).

So yeah...basically still just trying to figure out a weekly routine.

This Saturday i'm planning on heading to Ferrara as it's only about a 30min train ride. Not sure of other weekend plans yet other than Siena the 1st weekend of July.

Anyways, it's about time to head home.


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