Monday, June 07, 2010

In Italy

So after 3 different flights, and luckily not very long layovers, I have (or probably should be had) made it to Bologna, Italy. Two of the administration/HR personal met us at the airport to help us get to our apartments (which are amazing, read further on for more details :-P) and to rent a car (which i would actually rather not have, but that's a different topic). Somehow during the flights though I got a sore throat/halfway lost my voice (coworker says it kinda sounds like i'm going through puberty again, lol) which doesn't really help out in any way with trying to speak a different language.

Anyways, the apartments are rather nice. I'll be adding pictures of them to either here or facebook eventually. A little bit about the one I'm in though is that it's a 2 bedroom, 2 bath, has a washer (which I think someone said is also a dryer ???), a pretty big living room with a TV, a pretty nice kitchen (hopefully I'll use it :-P), and a patio/deck (I can't think of the right word for a deck or so when you're on the 4th floor of an apartment building) that is almost the same size as the apartment itself. We were joking that we were going to have the entire office over for dinner and drinks, which is quite possible since there are only about a dozen people at this office.

There was suppose to be WiFi at the apartment, but it is to be installed within the next week, so until then we are suppose to have an interent key or so. I'm also going to try and see where the closest internet cafe is. Right now i'm using the work internet, since they don't quite have things ready for us to start working/training. Speaking of which, I'm feeling like I should be doing something productive or relevant to being until next time, Ciao!

oh yeah, i had gelato within 6hrs of landing in Italy :-P

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Also, I'm jealous of gelato. A week late, perhaps, but jealous anyway...