Sunday, May 01, 2005

getting colder

well its actually starting to get colder here now. its not freezing or anything, its just long sleeve shirt weather. which will be really interesting since i really only brought one long sleeve shirt, unless you count the ones that button down. i do have a couple of hoodies (here all sweatshirts are known as jumpers) and a light jacket, so i should be set until i leave, unless i stay for another semester, which i'm currently trying to do.

not too much else is going on. just got done with volleyball practice. need to work on my presentation i have on friday. thats about it (other than i have to make a little under $700 last for the rest of the semester, which i should be able to do). after all i am a college student and i know how to buy the cheap food. also i can not go out (like fast food) as much as i have. i guess if worse came to worse i still have a hundred or so in travelers checks which i could exchange which would add another 125 or so. and i also remembered i have some american cash as well i could exchange, so actually i'm all set for the rest of the semester, as long as nothing comes up that costs heaps.

well i really haven't had anything to eat today, since i really only got up 5 hrs ago, even though i went to bed around 10pm last night. just didn't feel like getting out of bed. i probably would stayed in bed longer if i woulda had something to do like watch tv, but since i don't have one i was getting really bored and couldn't really keep sleeping longer. anyways, time for food. laters


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Jen said...

Hey Darren-

It's been cold here east river for quite some time now. I just got back from Subway and we had a mini blizzard thing outside for about 10 minutes. Twas quite interesting I must say. I hope it warms up soon-since we are almost done with school! Good luck with the project, and take care.