Monday, May 16, 2005


well here i am sitting in a computer lab trying to type my paper that is due later this week, but i can't really think of how to type it. isn't that how it always is you have everything you need to write a paper, but you just can't think of how to start it. i think i might make it similar to my powerpoint presentation i made on the same topic, which is define parapsychology, give a little history on it and then analyze (did i spell that word right?) several of the experiments, trying to prove if there may be any truth in the experiments done. i also have to say what things from previous experiment have now made the experiments invalid (ie discarding some of the info from the experiments). hopefully i'll get inspired pretty soon or have an ah-ha moment when i figure out how exactly i want to type the paper, since its like 25% of my grade. which also makes me hope that i quote things correctly so i don't plagarize or whatnot. this makes me think of the first assignment we turned in 'cause we were suppose to quote and such on it, but we still haven't gotten it back yet (and we turned it in around the end of march).

well i better get back to the assignment, also so i have time to do some other stuff since my dad's here in australia/canberra until friday. laters

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Ashli said...

Darren- I'm sitting in the museum (again) and I'm a little on the board side. I guess, this job hasn't changed much since freshman year. Anyway, I just wanted to see what you were up to and how you were doing. Take care and hope to hear from you soon! -Ashli

P.S. Ask Ashley to send you some fun pictures from back here. Ashley took some fun pictures with her new camera and she also has a few I took at home with my digital camera.