Monday, May 30, 2005

No more assignments!!

well at least for this semester. i finally got all my assignments done (i'm hoping correctly). now all i have to worry about are the finals. one of my finals is worth 55% of my grade, one's worth 40%, and i think the other one is worth 30% or something like that. that's one thing i really don't like is how the final grade of the class rests completely on the final exam (well not so much for 2 of my three classes but still). i liked having 4 or 5 tests thru-out the semester with (depending who's teaching) the lowest one being dropped. oh well, can't really change the system here.

hmm....what else is there. well last week i saw star wars episode 3. it was good although it wasn't as good as i was expecting, although i had built it up in my mind that it was going to be the best movie of the year. but now i want to watch the other episodes again (mostly episodes 4 and 6, since i watched 5 last night). although seeing episodes 1 and 2 wouldn't be all that bad either.

oh yeah, also found one more class that will transfer back to tech, which brings the total up to 3 that i found and am waiting on one more. its called coding theory and to me it sounds like it would be a nice little addition to the other engineering stuff 'cause it somewhat goes over how do pin-point problems and such amongst a lot of other stuff. i'm hoping it will transfer as a technical elective.

a couple other funny things that have happened. on friday night someone asked where i was from and i said america and asked why. he responded with that i sounded irish. do i really sound that irish to everyone? 'cause several people at tech thought i had an irish accent and now an australian thought so as well. i suppose i could have a worse accent or something. oh and the other thing is that the weekends usually involve playing Risk on saturdays and soccer on sundays.

speaking of playing the soccer yesterday was heaps fun. i really wish i coulda seen how high i was off the ground (i kinda went flying after a 1 on 1 with the person playing goalie). anyways they said that i was a good meter or so (3ft) off the ground. i must have jumped or something though 'cause minus just a little bruise on my shin that was the extent of the injuries. i do remember though when i was in the air that i hoped i would land wrong on my shoulder or anything. all in all though it was heaps of fun. i'm trying to decide if i want to wear my cleats next sunday or not though, as the grass is really slippery and my regular shoes don't have that good of traction any more.

anyways i think i'm gonna type some emails to people now. hope everyone is doing well. laters


Ashley said...

55%? Egads. That'd kill my grades in most classes ... Kinda funny that you sound Irish there, too. Actually, really funny that you sound Irish there, too. Um ... Yeah. Good to hear that you're finding classes that transfer. Hope all the other prep is going okay! Have a good week, dude.

ashli said...

Good luck with all that studying. Holy moly.
If it makes you feel any better, I don't think you have an Irish accent. Your vowls are too long. It's more like a little German mixed with Norweagen. Don't ya know :)