Thursday, May 12, 2005

you pick a title

hmmm....what have i done since monday, let me see.

tuesday night went and saw the movie Kingdom of Heaven or whatever the name of that movie is. i thought it was an ok movie, don't think i woulda paid full price to see it (although i wouldn't pay full price to see any movie). three out of the 4 other people i went to the movie with thought it was crappy. john (a fellow coloradan) kinda liked it as well, so i'm guessing its either that australians just don't like it or those i went with just have different tastes in movies. although ringo (one of the aussies) fell asleep during it and was saying it was crap, but we just kept telling him his opinion doesn't count 'cause he was asleep. he tried to say that was why he was sleeping, but he also fell asleep when a group of us saw Constantine, which he said was a good movie. maybe he can see the movie thru his eyelids, who knows.

oh i also made meatloaf one night (think it mighta been monday). i was surprised that it actually came out pretty good considering i improvised on the recipe a bit. i didn't have nearly enough ketchup for it (not even 1/2 the amount needed), so i used some sweet chili sauce. also i didn't have the right size pan to cook it in, so i just used a bigger one and just put it on one end of the pan. i don't think i used enough meat though in it. oh well. also i mashed some potatoes and was surprised i didn't end up peeling several layers of skin off as i was peeling the potatoes. i've never had that much trouble peeling potatoes before.

last night i was suppose to have a vball game but the team we were suppose to play ended up dropping out of the competition. it was nice though 'cause i worked on my multivariate calc assignment which is due today. didn't finish the assignment until earlier today (no i wasn't working on it all night), but the only thing i had to do today was integrate.

starting to really wish i had my computer with me, 'cause it would so much easier than always having to walk to the comp lab in order to check email or to work on assignments. anyways, should probably finish an assignment i have thats due tomorrow. laters

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Ashley said...

Good to hear your meatloaf turned out. Also sorry I missed your phone call ... Thanks! No, didn't have much last night, at least that took effect. We decided to head back early because we got EIGHT INCHES OF SNOW and almost didn't make it back to school (took awhile for the plows to come out, so the roads were a bit iffy). Anyway, have a good week!