Monday, May 23, 2005

so i lied again

i figured out i can only sit and type a report without doing something different for about an hour or so. isn't that about how long you're suppose to sit and do anything school related though? 'cause isn't there a study or something that says that every 45 minutes or so you should get up and do something else for 15-30 minutes or am i just inventing studies?

oh yeah, during one of my other breaks from my assignments i finally went and got my hair cut. it was the first time since the end of january that i've had my hair cut. the sides aren't as short as i would like them, but its suppose to be getting colder (i'm waiting for when i actually have to wear a hoodie during the day) so i guess its ok that its a little longer (meaning that the person used a #3 attachment instead of a #2).

well since i'm typing i might as well be typing up my assignment since that's all i really have to do for it (as long as the rest of what i need to type is about 600 words). thats one thing i don't miss though about being in engineering is the stupid word lengths of assignments. oh well after this one i won't have any more word count assignments, at least i hope not. well back to typing, ciao


Ashley said...

I think you're inventing studies, or at least adding time to the given break time ... then again, that's about all my attention span can handle, so who's to say? I'll try to send you those pictures later (when I'm not trying to go back to work) ... There are a couple fun ones ... and Ashli's huge ones ...

ashli said...

The bigger the better!(giggle)
In this case, size does matter :)

Jen said...

Ashli-How terrible!

What are these pictures you speak of?? Jen shall like to see. Actually I'm prolly being nosey where I don't belong. Hi Darren! Sounds like you are having too much fun with the paper assignments...are you coming home for the summer or staying down there?? Does anyone want to come visit me in Illinois?? Anyone??

Anonymous said...


Cliff and Lyn just leaving you a note to let you know we are thinking about you. Sounds like all is going well. Take care.

By the way was one of those people who had trouble with the computer over 40? Be carefull.

Love, Cliff and Lyn

Jen said...

Darren where did you go?? It's been a while since your last post. (this is given that work is boring and i now check blog's like every day)