Wednesday, June 01, 2005

'Roos at 1am

surprising i just realized that the best time to see kangaroos is around 1am (i should have figured this out earlier, but i really don't pay all that much attention to the actual time when i see them). also do you know how freaky it is to be walking on the sidewalk just thinking of what needs to be done the next day and then suddenly realize that you are now within 10 yards of a dozen or so kangaroos (a couple that are even just a couple feet away), all of which that are starring at you. luckily these animals have been on campus so long that they just kind of sit and watch you until you pass them, or just go back to eating the grass.

tonight i have vball games at 6:30 and 8:15, with each game being the best of 5 different matches or whatnot. meaning that i could potentially be playing 10 games if time permits. i think i'm going to be dead after playing. speaking of volleyball i had to buy a pair of navy shorts today because the black shorts weren't good enough anymore (at the beginning, they said that black or navy were fine). i wasn't the only one though that didn't have a navy pair as some people were wearing royal blue shorts to the games. oh well the shorts were only $25, which i was happy about 'cause i was expecting that they'd be over $30.

what else is new??? well i've been trying to go see the international coordinator people to ask a couple questions (one being if either of them would like to buy and entertainment book (a $50 coupon book) as for volleyball everyone is suppose to try and sale one and they're the only non-students i know) but everytime i go they're not in their office. the problem could be that i try to go see them around lunch. i also need to give them my passport number so i can get another CoE code so i can extend my student visa.

well that's it for now

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Ashley said...

Ah, paperwork. Always fun. So, tell me -- are the kangaroos comparable (well, at least in attitude) to the rabbits around here?