Tuesday, June 14, 2005

study break

i've noticed that i tend to spend about the same amount of time in study breaks as i do in studying. isn't that how you're suppose to study though, so you don't fry your brain? actually i try get myself to study for about an hour and then take like a 30 or 45 min break (although the break i'm on now might be a little longer as all my stuff to study is in my room and i'm at the computer lab). that's really all i've been up to lately.

yesterday was a public holiday (Queen's Birthday). although australia no longer has a queen, and it wasn't even the real (britain's i think) queen's birthday. although fireworks were legal over the weekend (as long as you lit them off after 10pm and before 5am or something like that).

and yup, that's it, so i'm gonna grab something for lunch and then go back to studying.

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