Friday, June 17, 2005

boo coldness

there's this big stereotype that all of australia is warm all year and i'm telling you now that all parts of australia are not warm throughout the entire year. granted it doesn't snow (so i'm told) except for in the "mountains". the last couple of days it has been cold, well kinda, it's still well above freezing, but i think i had gotten accustomed to the warm weather so it feels cold now. plus its been rainy and windy as well. ok so that's my little complaining for a while.

have one final left which i think shouldn't be too hard. we get to have a sheet of notes (hand written ones) and a dictionary if we want. not sure what good the dictionary would do, unless there's going to be words on the test that we've never seen before.

want to go see batman begins, but i really don't want to pay full price to see it. i guess i'll just have to wait for a cheap movie night (which are tuesday nights).

also can't wait for my foot to be all better. the bruising colors are going away, but it still hurts/aches every now and then. it is starting to be a bit more flexible as well. i should probably go and buy an ankle brace or whatnot instead of just wrapping it up.

oh yeah i have a doctors appointment on july 5 to get a physical type thingy done so i can get another student visa. not sure why they decide that in order to get another visa i have to see a doctor 'cause if i had anything before coming everybody has it already. although they also take a chest x-ray, not really sure why, but whatever.

its kinda sad seeing some of the other international students leave for home or for more traveling around australia. i should probably do more traveling, but i just have fun hanging out with the aussies. during the holiday (break between the semesters) i'll probably see some things as i'm suppose to go to a couple of people's b-day parties.

back to the cold weather, as my brain just though "oooo, coffee sounds good". i'm surprised i have bought any instant coffee mix stuff yet. not really coffee, but mocha or something that is chocolate and has caffeine in it, not to mention that its served warm/hot.

well that's that for now, laters all

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Ashley said...

Good to hear it gets a little cold there, even though right now we're actually hitting in the 80s and 90s (for the first time this summer, I think) ... I'm even wearing shorts. (Gasp!) Spork & Sarah's wedding was yesterday; Ashli, Barb and I made a madcap dash across the state and picked up Andy on the way. It was pretty cool, and I think the whole town showed up for it. Not hard, since the town isn't all that big. And very well-kept. Almost frighteningly so. Anyway, the wedding was good, the trip was okay, and now we're gonna go to Deadwood for the night, so enjoy your cold weather and I'll talk at you later!