Thursday, June 02, 2005

bump, set, spike into my face

the volleyball games went well last night for only having 6 players (no subs). we ended up playing 8 sets in all. the first game we lost but i think we're going to get the win as the other team wasn't all in uniform and the league is being really uptight about that now. the second game we won the first 2 sets and then the 4th one (barely 26-24). in the first game i really could have gone without being reminded of what it felt like to get the ball spiked in my face. luckily there's no ball prints on the right side of my face this morning/arvo (afternoon). the 4th set of the 2nd game was full of anxiety (not sure if thats the right word). we were losing 12-22 or something like that and then came back to 22-24. they were one point away from winning and had spiked the ball, me and another person on my team went to dig the ball. the other player got there first, hit the ball, the ball somehow went off my knee and deep into the other teams court, therefore giving us the serve. we then ended up winning the game 26-24. i was dead after the games as we had started playing at 6:30 and got done around 9:45.

i guess one of the international coordinators has a fractured pelvis. all i know is that it happened when she was riding to work on her bicycle. don't know any other details other than that. probably know more by tomorrow night, as there is a reception thingy for the international students tomorrow night.

yesterday for one of my classes which was going to be just a review of stuff we should know for the final exam made me kinda angry. the review was more of just 5 tutorials cramed into 1.5 hrs. the lecturer went over tutorial problems, but he went over them very quickly (meaning he read the multiple choice question, the possible answers, and then said the answer). some of us were trying to write down the questions and the answers and he even said that there wasn't time for us to copy it 'cause we had a lot to get thru. personally i would have rather had class/review on tues (the tues class was canceled) and yesterday so we would have had time to write the questions and answers. well thats my ranting for a while.

and once again my stomach is telling me its time to eat, but i can't think of anything else to write anyways. laters

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