Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Hog's Breath Cafe

wow its been a while since my last post. well i guess i'll summarize (kinda) whats happened since my last one.

on friday night after the international reception (to say bye to people and get their numbers/addresses) i went with 4 other international students to a restaurant called Hogs Breath Cafe. i guess its a chain and it started in the US, but its Hogs Breath Restaurant in the states. anyways, we were joking around with our waitress (anusha or something like that) and having fun (we got the coloring mat thingies that little kids get, and colored it in for anusha). anyways she asked the 5 of us to meet up with her on saturday night because the hogs breath employees were getting together as a couple people were leaving. i just thought it was weird 'cause to me its usually the group that asks the individual to hang out instead of the other way around (at least when you really don't know each other). i also thought it was funny that on saturday night the international students i was with said it was only like the 3rd or so time they've been into civic at night (about the opposite for me).

on sunday nothing really new happened. had volleyball practice from 1-4. got some bad news i guess on sunday though. for the next v-ball game (on wednesday) my team isn't going to have any centers (taller people that attempt to block spikes) as they are injured. so now the average height of the team i'm on is about 1-2 inches taller than me. this is really going to be wednesdays game interesting, especially since we're playing for 3rd place.

after volleyball practice played soccer for a little over an hour. it was fun 'cause we had about 20 people. i think next time i need to remember to take my cleats with me so i'm not sliding all over the place (although everyone else is as well).

and that's all really. just been studying for my exam on thursday. already had one 2 hour tutorial or whatnot today to help get ready for it and have another one in 45 minutes. at first wasn't sure i knew the stuff all that well, but now i'm thinking i do. yup that's it for now. laters

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Jen said...

Hey Darren!

I noticed in Ashley's blog you said people hadn't gotten back to you lately, so I thought I'd say hello! When is your summer totally over?? Work is going well here, just the same old thing. Take care and talk to you soon!