Thursday, June 09, 2005

1 down 2 to go

well just got done with my first final. they seem to be pretty strict with the testing. bags have to be either at the front or back of the room (not next to you) and you're not even suppose to have a cell phone on you (even if it is turned off). actually it kinda felt like taking the standardized tests all over again. i can't believe i can't think of the name of the test, i keep thinking they're the A.C.T's (or is that right, i can't think right now). luckly my next final isn't until the 15th.

last night i had a volleyball game again. we ended up losing, but it was against the A team (i'm on the B team). so it really wasn't all that surprising, especially since we barely had 6 people to play. we were going to play with just 5, but they wouldn't let us so our captain (who had rolled his ankle last week) had to change and play. speaking of rolling ankles, i did that as well last night. went up for a block and i either landed on someone else's foot, my foot, or just landed wrong altogether. currently i have it wrapped up but it was still swollen this morning when i woke up for my exam.

and yup thats about the extent of the news that i have. laters


Ashley said...

ACTs is right ... or SATs, if you were lucky and took those, too, like me.

Uck, rolled ankles. That stinks.

Not a whole lot going on this way (as evidenced by my neglected blog). Almost wishing it was finals week again so I could have a little bit more time before I leave for Russia :S

daz said...

when do you leave for russia again? its coming up pretty soon isn't it?

Ashley said...

Yeah, pretty soon. Two and a half weeks soon. I'm out in RC until the 25th (next Friday), then home for a couple of days before I leave the country.