Wednesday, June 29, 2005


i really don't think i spelled that right, but i don't really care about my spelling. anyways, in the ressies i live in they are spraying for pest control today, so they're making us be out of the buildings from 10-2. not too bad i suppose. woulda been better if they sprayed my block yesterday for a couple of reasons. one is that i was still in sydney or on the bus back to canberra. and the second is that tuesdays are cheap movie days so i coulda gone to a movie while they were attempting to kill all of the pests. i really don't think there were any mice or anything in my building but i'm not completely sure on that.

in a way it works out that they're spraying today. it makes me take care of some things that i've been procrastinating on. one of which is i need to get $50 to one of the volleyball people (because of the fundraiser we did, which was saling entertainment books). for those of you who don't know what entertainment books are, you one don't live in a big enough city or 2 you haven't had to do very many fundraisers. i was just surprised that they had entertainment books here as well. oh and for those that are still confused about what entertainment books are, they are a big book of coupons for various things like restaraunts, fast food, amusement parks, etc.

well, all of the other americans/international students have left canberra to either go home or to travel australia before returning home. not to mention that the ressies feel really empty as basically everyone else went home as well for the winter break (they don't actually call it winter break, but it's winter and we're on break, so i'm gonna call it winter break even though there isn't any snow where i'm at). i'm curious for when the new international students get in so i can laugh at them (and myself) for the things they'll do when they get here, as i know i most likely did the same.

speaking of international travel, hope you're having a good time in russia ashley (if you get a chance to use a computer to read this). and then when do you leave for turkey (that's where you're going isn't it) ashli? that brings up something that's kinda fun to ponder. who would have thought last year that with the group i hang out with at Tech, that one of us would be in Australia (me), one in Russia (Ashley), and one in Turkey (Ashli).

well i think i've wasted enough time on a computer (at least for now, as i will most likely be back as there is nobody on campus!!!). hope everyone is doing well and having an awesome summer so far.

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