Friday, July 01, 2005

swimming, moving, and not much else

well i actually got up today and went swimming (tried to go running first, but my ankle is still kinda weak or whatnot). i am quite out of shape. after each lap i had to stop and take a rest (although i think each lap was 50m or so, i know the pool was longer than the thornton rec center one). eventually i'll be in better shape, as i think i might also go and get a pair of cheap rollerblades, but who knows, i just know that i have to entertain myself somehow since i don't have a comp or tv. although it's probably better to be doing tings like rollerblading than just watching tv or surfing the web (that is except for when its raining, like it has for the past week or 2).

i move into my new room on tuesday. i was hoping i'd be able to move sooner as i have a doctors appointment on tuesday as well (have to get a physical or whatnot in order to extend my student visa), but i had not luck in trying to talk them into letting me move earlier. oh well, my appointments in the morning anyways, which is a lot better than if it was in the middle of the day.

i definately can't wait for the weather to stop raining. granted australia needs the rain, as i guess they've been having a drought (did i spell that right?, oh well). i really hope it stops raining at least for next tuesday, although it's not like i have anything that will get ruined by getting wet, so it could rain, it would just be a bit of a pain.

after being in sydney and seeing a lot of it, i'm gonna have to make it up there again when it's warm and attempt to surf (again) at one of the beaches, or maybe i could go further north of sydney to brisbane or whatever is the gold coast or sunshine coast as i think they're suppose to have good surfing spots as well. although i think i would just like to have some small waves at first, until i actually am able to stand on the board.

and that's about all that's going on, expect for trying to find ways to fight boredom as the majority of the people went home for the mid-year break. laters

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