Thursday, July 07, 2005

moving, sydney, orientation

well i've moved into my new room, not the one that they had first assigned me though. the person that was in it hadn't moved out yet, so i could either wait or move into another room. i really didn't want to wait a couple of days as i had already packed my stuff up (as they didn't let me know that the room wasn't ready until the day i was suppose to move in). i'm still on the same floor that i was going to be on, which is pretty good i suppose.

heading to sydney again later today for a couple of b-days. and i'm actually going to be going to a concert (for free nonetheless). the person (Sarah, i think there's an h in her name) i'm catching a ride up to sydney and staying with said her mom had gotten a couple of tickets for us to go to a concert (i think it's old rock or something, but concerts are always fun). i guess her mom has some connections or whatnot. i wonder where the concert is going to be held in sydney. i'm also hoping the weather is nice this weekend like it has been the last couple of days (except for today as it is rainy again). to me the weather feels more just like fall instead of winter, but that's probably 'cause for me winter involves weather that is below freezing other than just a night every now and then.

i'm hoping i'll be back to canberra to help out with the new exchange student orientation (which happens on the 11th). i just think it'll be heaps of fun, as i can be laughing at them for things they might do, but i'll really be laughing at myself as like i said before i'm sure i did the same things when i first got here. that reminds me, i need to go to the reject shop (store where everything is cheap) and get a couple of things before the new exchange students clear the shop out. at least that's what happened at the beginning of last semester, there was almost nothing left in the store. oh yeah i'm also excited about the new exchange student orientation 'cause Tina and Claire (the coordinators) are doing the learn to surf thing again and said i could go as well. i can't wait, although i'm hoping it's not going to be the same weekend as the back to school festivities. although if it is, i'm pretty sure i'm gonna go surfing (i'm not going to leave australia 'til i know how to surf, or i'll be leaving quite reluctantly).

that's it for now, laters

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