Tuesday, July 12, 2005

battle against boredom

well not much is going on like always. just helping out with the new exchange student orientation as there's nothing else to really do (unless i want to spend money).

last weekend was fun. caught a ride up to sydney with friends (on thurs), stayed the night, caught a train up to newcastle, met a friend and then went up to nelson's bay for a b-day. spent the night there, rode back to newcastle, caught a train back to sydney for another b-day, and caught another ride back to canberra on sunday morning. i spent less money on traveling than i had planned on doing, as i was planning on having to pay for a bus ride from canberra to sydney and back.

gonna be going to the movies tonight as its cheap movie night. i think we're either going to see Batman Begins or Fantastic 4. i wanna see both, so which ever one we go to i'll be fine with.

on thursday going to be going with the new exchange students on the learn to surf trip (like they had at the beginning of last semester). this semester there are only 35 or so exchange students as compared with last semester of there being 70 or so. well i think there's free food soon as its "orientation week" again or something like that, meaning that there's going to be heaps of free bbqs again. laters


Jen said...

Hey Darren!

No one has left you a message in quite some time, so I thought I'd just drop you a line to say hello. It's good you are still having fun while many of the students are gone for the break. Take care!

daz said...

hey thanks for leaving me a message, its nice to know someone reads my blog and cares about me :) just kidding i know lots of you that read my blog care about me