Monday, July 25, 2005

Car Rally

on saturday there was an activity put on by the residential service organization (rso) called the car rally. not really sure why its called a car rally as it is a scavenger hunt which involves driving places (kinda like the video scavenger hunt thingy intervarsity has (it is intervarsity who holds it isn't it, sorry ashley)). some of the items we had to get was a receipt for a bottle of coke bought at a petrol (gas) station in tuggeranong (i think thats how you spell it, its a suburb of canberra), a lego man, barbie doll, 21 piece kfc bucket (no chicken just the bucket), and heaps of other random stuff. oooo one of the funniest to do was being cling wrapped to a pole on one of the busiest streets in canberra. one of the people in my group had a friend that lived near the street and while we where at the house trying to find the random stuff, she asked if the scavenger hunt was a reason why she had seen people earlier wrapped to a pole. anyways it was heaps of fun, and i'll be able to give you some ideas of what else to do for the tech one ashley.

played a little bit of soccer yesterday, or at least tried to. my ankle i don't think has completely healed yet. its completely fine as long as i don't try to do any sudden/quick turns or whatnot.

nothing else really is going on, i just am anxious for spring to get here, i'm tired of the cold (that is unless it would snow or something). oh yeah i kinda have a cold as well. its more of just a cough/sore throat. it seems like about 1/3 or more of the people in the ressies have a cold right now. stupid winter, oh well not much you can do about except taking cold pills or whatnot. anyways got some emails to type. laters

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