Monday, July 18, 2005

Semester 2

ok well today Semester 2 begins. i'm pretty sure i have all my classes worked out and now i just have to go pay the admissions office or whatnot. its fun seeing peoples reactions when i tell them which classes i'm taking. i mean does electronic engineering 2b, engineering management, numerical analysis, and coding theory really sound all that hard??? (i'm a little sarcastic there if you can't tell). oh yeah from last semester i passed all my classes (2 passes and a credit, which i think is like 2 Cs and a B).

this week should be fun, as there are suppose to be lots of events going on. i'm looking forward to thursday night, as it is American Night (the theme of the night, like how in the states we'd have Mexican night or whatnot). mostly i'm glad as i don't have to worry about what to wear costume wise as i can just go as myself. on saturday there's the car rally, not really sure how it got that name, but its more of a scavenger hunt type thing.

my new room is still working out pretty well, although i don't think the hot water works all that well on the floor i'm on. oh well, just having a sink in the room makes up for that. i think i want to get another poster or 2 to put up on my walls, but the shelves they have in there make it so a poster will just barely not fit above or below them. i could always just cut an inch or so off the poster, or i could just not buy anymore posters and save my money for food or something.

somehow that just made me think about how the purpose i came to the computer lab was to check the status of my student visa application, but i forgot to bring my passport number with me so i'm gonna have to come back to the lab some other time, or use a mates computer.

hmmm....what else? i don't think i'm gonna play vball this semester unless its just a muck-around game, as last semester cost like $400 for all the fees (league, insurance, etc) and jersey and such. although it would probably only be 200 for this semester since the insurance fees were for a year and i already have the jersey.

oh yeah, the new exchange students are fun, although i was looking at them and hoping that i wasn't like that at the beginning of last semester. Also, with a couple of them and how they acted it i almost felt like they were making a bad impression of the US. mostly likely than not though i thought that way because i've been here for a while and my mind set has changed a bit (or a lot) and also more likely than not the new exchange students will change heaps while they're here as well.

anyways this is getting kinda long, and since i really haven't had breakfast yet, i'm starting to get hungry and i need to go take care of a couple of things. laters


Jen said...

Hey Darren!

It sounds like your new semester is off to a great start, I hope that your classes go well! How long was your break total??

Have you heard from Ashley or Ashli at all? I know Ashli's plane for Turkey took off Friday, and I was wondering if she got there and settled in alright. Take care, I hope to hear from ya soon!

Ashley said...

Hmm, interesting mindset observation. Just wait till you come back ... I was only gone for a month and people drive me nuts. (Not everybody, but some!)