Wednesday, July 13, 2005

movie review (i'm running out of title names)

saw Fantastic 4 last night. i didn't think it was all that bad. there were some cheesy parts (like the ending), but for the most part i enjoyed it. although i also tend to be amused easily by movies, as the only movies i think i've ever stopped watching were Groundhog Day and Monsters Ball (i know that was suppose to be a good movie, but i just didn't like it). the next movie i think i'm gonna see is gonna be Batman Begins, that is unless another movie i want to see comes out before then.

today is market day again (where "all" the clubs on campus have a little table out so you can see what all they do to see if you want to join the club). last semester i joined a few too many clubs, and actually i think that membership carries over into this semester so i won't have to pay for anything joining fee or anything (unless i join different ones).

hmm....not much else. i'm trying to decide again if i want to get a hair cut or if i want to just let my hair grow. letting it grow will be cheaper, but i'm not quite sure if i like my hair when it gets kinda long. yup, that's it. laters

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