Tuesday, July 26, 2005


so i actually had to buy books this semester. i've only bought 2 so far as the other 1 hasn't gotten in yet. the 2 books cost me almost $200. i'm hoping the one that i'm on the waiting list for isn't all that much. although with one of the books i bought the lecturer had said yesterday that if he knew the book was as much as it was he woulda picked a different one, but he said he was just using the same book and lecture notes from the professor that taught the class last year. i'm just trying to think of what i want to do with the books after the semester as i don't really want to bring them back to the states as it'll just add weight and take up space in my bags. oh well i guess i figure that out when the time comes.

finally got my new student visa today. actually tried to get it yesterday, but didn't take my passport with me, as i thought it was just going to be electronically linked. actually thru the whole application phase of getting a physical, chest x-ray, etc i kinda felt like a mail man as after i had the chest x-ray i had to then take it back to the place taht i got the physical. after a couple of days the hsa (where i got my physical) called and said the results could be picked up and i asked what i was suppose to do with them, and they said to take it to the dimia (Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs) office. anyways i thought they coulda just used the mail instead of me having to go pick it up as where i had to pick it up is like a 30 min bus ride from campus. oh well

saw Bewitched last night. don't know if i'd see it again at least in the theatres, but probably on video. there where some pretty funny parts in it. i think the next movie i'm gonna watch at the theatres is either going to be Batman Begins or Sin City, that is unless another movie comes out that i wanna see or if the group of people i'm going with want to see a different one.

thats about it, laters

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Ashley said...

Hey yo ... Just got back in the States on Thursday, home on Friday. Andy and I realized that you, Ashli, and I were all in the same hemisphere for a couple weeks there (Eastern, that is). Still getting caught up on the last month of your life, but I thought I'd say hi!