Wednesday, August 03, 2005

birthdays beach and more

first off, good to know you (Ashley) made it to russia and back alright and had an awesome time. so this means you'll be able to help me thru the reverse culture shock when i get back right??? just kidding

wow its really been a week or so since my last entry. well not too much has really happened. over the weekend i had gone to a b-day party in Terrigal (which is north of Sydney). it was kinda a spur of the moment thing. heaps of people were leaving for the weekend, so campus was gonna be pretty dull so i was trying to find something to do/finding who all was still gonna be on campus (this was around 12:30 or so). anyways i found some people that were going to the b-day party and had an extra spot in their car and were leaving pretty soon (as in at 1). anyways i got packed quickly and had an awesome weekend. friday night stayed in Newcastle at my friend Ringo's (real name Bryan) house and then saturday afternoon went to the beach for about 1/2 to an hour (and the water was a just a bit nippy (heaps of sarcasm)). then after the beach went to Terrigal where lots of fun was had. i was undefeated in pool for the night (although i kinda stopped playing after the 3rd game). met lots of new people, one of their names was Kayel (or something like that i have no clue of the spelling of it). anyways you pronounce it just like the letters kl. oh and let me tell ya the ocean is still cold at 5am in the morning.

sunday was a nice day as well, lots of beach. we were on the beach for several hours, which included some beach soccer, throwing a tennis ball around (at one time only with your least dominate hand), and some v-ball. i started to get a little angry during the vball as there was no net and i'm just a little too competitive. either way it was heaps of fun and then we had fish and chips afterwards. after eating we heading back to Canberra.

I got my last book that i needed for classes and i was really amazed at the price of it. the book itself is about the size of the Tech day planner thingies so when i saw it i was like awesome this can't be all that much. boy was i wrong the book was $87.50. usually at that price you get a book that you'd be able to use as a door stop but this is a book you'd end up using to try and steady a wobbly table. oh well can't do much about it.

oh yeah bought a pair of rollerblades yesterday. found a pair for $35 which i'm happy about as all the ones i saw before were at least $60. anyways there's a lake that's near campus and went around it (at least most of it). the lake itself is like 7.1 km around, but i took a bridge that made the route about5k or something like that. and yup, i'm out of shape, although that's kinda why i bought the rollerblades as i wanted something aerobic i could do other than running (as my ankle really doesn't want me to run). actually i can run as long as i run on the balls of my feet but if i try going heel to toe that it starts to hurt after a while. rollerblading though doesn't hurt it. although i probably should just let my ankle rest as i really haven't done that since i injured it back in june.

well this looks like its starting to get kinda long. hope everyone is doing well

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