Monday, August 29, 2005

wow time seems to be passing too quickly, as i don't realize its been about a week from when i last updated my blog. oh well, i guess that happens when you're busy.

here's some of the things a did last week (that kept me busy). i had an assignment due (which is worth 10 or 15 % of my grade so that was the main thing i was working on). i have a couple other assignments due later this week as well, so i'll be busy doing those. also i've been trying to figure out what i'm gonna do over the 2 week break that starts on friday at noon for me. i think i'm gonna go to melbourne for a couple days with some of the other exchange students and then come back to canberra for several days and then up to sydney for a few days and then up to nelson's bay for a couple more days and then back to canberra to work on projects and to do some studying for mid-term tests.

anyways other things i've been up to are that i've seen several movies. none all that exciting, but i've seen requiem for a dream, amele (or something like that, its french), another french movie (can't remember the name), and i couple others that i really can't remember. the french one that i can't remember the name to i saw it in a theatre called ElectricShadows, which is a theatre that shows non-main stream films. it was fun seeing the french films as it made me feel more cultured, and it was different. oh yeah i finally finished reading Queen of the Damned, which was sooooo much better than the movie. the movie had left out so many parts, like the backgrounds of the characters, but then again if the movie went into that depth then it woulda been at least 3hrs long (probably longer). now i just need to find another book to read (other than my textbooks as they are dry and boring :o).

just like to tell everyone who's about to start their next semester (or who have already started) good luck in their classes and to not stress too hard about them. also have fun on your co-op andy (if you actually read this, if not i'm sure ashli, or ashley will tell you for me).

not much else. the weather has been getting warmer, at least during the days. could probably wear shorts if i wanted to, but then i'd have to change into pants at night and that's just too much effort (yes i'm lazy). oh yeah played soccer for a little over an hour yesterday. tried to convince the people to play outside since it was so nice, but they kept saying that we didn't have enough people. i tried countering it by saying that we would just make smaller fields, 'cause its not hard to do, but i had no luck. well that's it for now, hopefully i'll have another entry before a week passes again (but no promises). ciao

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