Friday, August 12, 2005

No Class

yeah i really wish i'd check my email a bit more often at least later in the day, as my workshop this morning (friday) had been canceled 'cause the lecturer is sick. really woulda been nice to know, so i coulda slept in. oh well i've already had my coffee now (well drinking it at the moment even though there's not suppose to be any food or drinks in the computer labs) so i might as well try to get some other things done, like laundry. actually now would be a good time to do laundry as the majority of people are most likely still sleeping (therefore the wash machine will not be in use).

so i don't know what to do with my time other than laundry. i could go to the mall, but i don't really need to buy anything (and don't really have it in my budget to buy anything). still plan on getting a job, but been a bit lazy in applying for the work visa. i think working in a coffee shop could be fun, although then i'd have to deal with customers and i'd probably get more addicted to caffeine. plus i have no clue how to use the coffee machines. i should be able to at least figure that out though if i worked at a coffee shop.

i guess the only other thing that is going on is tonight at the Uni Bar (the bar on campus) is gender bender, which is where guys dress up as girls and girls as guys. really don't plan on participating in this theme. definately not my cup of tea (what a cliche phrase, oh well). might go just to see how many people dressed up, but really don't plan on staying there all that long, have better things to do with my time (and actually i'm getting really into the book Queen of the Damned). so tonight might just end up with me sitting in my room and reading.

'til a later date (i think that saying or similar is from the cartoon Weekender's). not sure why i keep thinking "oh this saying is from this blah blah blah" but anyways. . . laters

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