Tuesday, August 09, 2005

health kick

so i'm on a bit of a healthy kick (not sure where that phrase came from, but oh well). i went swimming earlier today (and on saturday) and plan to go rollerblading tomorrow before lectures. who knows how long this will actually last though. i'm hoping for the rest of the time i'm here and even after i get back to the states. i'm thinking though it'll only last for a couple weeks max, as that's how long it usually lasts, well that's how long my not drinking pop usually lasts.

oh i read the first harry potter book too. although i guess its really title is the "philosopher's stone" not sorcerer's stone. it was pretty good, a bit easy to read, but then again it is a book for young adults. aren't the books suppose to get a little harder to read or whatnot as the series goes on? i wonder how long it'll take me to read the other books, as i read the first one in just 2 days. i probably shoulda been reading my text books, but who ever really does that? plus its kinda hard to just sit and read a text book (when its about math and such). i also think i just want to read (as i'm reading Anne Rice's "Queen of the Damned" now) 'cause i get really bored in my room not having a computer. readings probably better anyways than just surfing the web.

hmmm.....what else. nothing really that i can think of. i have a test in my coding theory class next week, hopefully we'll get a review sheet sometime soon. oh yeah i should probably figure out what i'm gonna do during the 2 week break. i could probably go home with someone for some of it (could probably go back with them for most of it, but don't want to feel like a burden or whatnot). i know i definately want to head somewhere where there's a beach and sun (even if the ocean is still gonna be cold).

yup that's it for now. 'til i get a topic or thought that pops into my head that i want to type about (and that i don't forget it by the time i get to a computer)

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