Wednesday, August 17, 2005


just a random thought that just occured to me, actually it occured to me when i was walking across a bridge and saw someone feeding the ducks and the ducks heading towards the free meal. the ducks that were the furthest away where kinda flying but not really 'cause they were also running on the water. i just thought it was hilarious 'cause i thought it would been quicker to just fly instead of 1/2 fly 1/2 run. oh well the duck knows more about how to move itself than i do.

i have a test on friday, it was suppose to be yesterday (tues), but the lecturer was sick for 2 days so we weren't able to review.

well i don't think i'm gonna have time to write more before class (which is in 1/2 an hour), as i'm also having several instant messenger conversations. laters

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