Wednesday, August 10, 2005


i am so excited, well not so much anymore since it's stopped, but it was snowing earlier today. it was AWESOME!!! seeing australians be amazed at it, especially since some of them had never seen it before. there's none on the ground as it didn't snow for very long and melted as soon as it landed, but i was so happy to see snow. i just want it to snow more now, at least enough to have a snowball fight, but i really doubt it. someone said the last time it snowed in canberra was like 4-5 years ago.

ok other than that, not much else. i have a test next week in one of my classes should be fun. the class in coding theory and it's quite interesting. 'cause did you know that 4+5 can = 2 (that is if you're in mod 7). i think i'll do good on the test, just have to look at an old one and over the notes.

yup that's it. well i guess i have rez sport tonight (both soccer and vball). should be interesting. also i think its a good thing, as for some reason i've had a hard time sitting still today. not sure why and the snow didn't exactly help the matter out either, as it was snowing and i had to go to my only class of the day. yup that's it, can't sit at the computer anymore, at least not today.

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Ashley said...

Hmm, i must not be understanding ... I thought it was 12 (not 2) ... But oh well. Hey, I'm home again. We're all moving in to our HOUSE sometime next week (yay!) and school starts on the 30th ... I think ... I might want to check up on that one ... Anyway, yay for snow in Australia! That's awesome! Are you gonna be ready for a good ol' SoDak winter when you get back?