Thursday, August 04, 2005

Quacking vector spaces

i just had to start an entry with a quote from one of my classes earlier today. we were talking about vector spaces and such and my lecturer said "if it quacks like a vector space, then it's a vector space" i just thought it was funny, not sure if anyone else in the class really thought so.

played v-ball last night for res-sports (a round of knock-out the different ressies play against each other). old res won (which is my res). yeah... i'm definately a little too competitive when it comes to vball, like with playing by the actual rules. although last night i didn't get to agro (angry) when people kept hitting the ball incorrectly (ie carries, double hits, etc), but i think that's 'cause my team was winning.

not much else, thursdays are just my busy days as i have 7 hours of lectures/workshops. and of those 7 hours there are 2 lectures that are happening at the same time so i have to alternate weeks. oh well, they have the lecture notes available to pick up, so i can at least know what went on during the lecture.

but anyways, just wanted to say that if you see something quacking like a vector space then it most like is a vector space.

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Ashley said...

Silly me, I thought that was a duck.