Tuesday, August 23, 2005

been a while

so i noticed its been a while since my last post. no i haven't dropped off the face of the earth, just been pretty busy. i had my test last friday, which i think went pretty well. was hoping we'd get them back today, but nope. pretty much i've been working on hw, procrastinating on working on it by reading and cleaning and updating my blog, and just hanging out with friends. oh yeah and sleeping.

i'm still trying to eat healthy and such. last time i went shopping i actually bought bananas, apples, lettuce, carrots, and broccoli (yup i actually bought broccoli). broccoli goes pretty good in various pasta sauces (mostly alfredo, but several others as well). i think i need to do a bit more exercise, but i do tend to walk where-ever i go. also today met up with a group of people to walk around the majority of the lake that's near by (its 7.1 km overall). the walk took about an hour. i think next time we go we're gonna stop by one of the playgrounds and goof around (hey big kids like to have fun too :o)

oh yeah, i think my ankle is healed completely, or so i think as it hasn't hurt for quite a while now (which i'm really happy about, 'cause it means i can go running for sure in like a week). i've gone swimming a couple of times since my last entry as well.

i know there was some other things i wanted to type, but i forget and i don't have the piece of paper that has all the funny little things my lecturers have said that i jotted down.

hope everyone that ended up going to sturgis had a fun and exciting time, kinda sad i missed it this year, but then again i'm in australia so i can't be that sad. also hope everyone (well all the students anyways) had an awesome summer and that you've figured your classes out for your semester and such. and for all those that aren't students, i also hope the summer went well for you and that you were able to relax at some point during it.

well i think i'm gonna get back to my assignment that's due later this week. laters


Anonymous said...

hey, i've never used this before so i hope it works. anyway, have you caught a kangaroo yet?

me and matt are good. were gonna move into a house, well me and three triangles. i hope everything works out alright

what about you? any girls? i haven't read much, just your last log so forgive me if you already mentioned it.

amanda's weding was fun, wish you were there. i really sucked up the speech.

i'm going inactive at aoe. with my grades dropping so low last semester i decided this would be a wise choice. i hope the eboard agrees so i can still participate in some activites.

i hope things are well, come back and visit

i know i put anonymous but i don't have a web page or a blogger thing set up yet

Ashley said...

Hey dude ... Just killing time in the dark, scary lab (it's 9:00 at night here, and I'm all alone). The house is still cool, although next time I talk to you I might have something to say. Other than that ... well, nothing going on till classes start on Tuesday, I guess. Work and blah. Oh, and Ashli's new dude (you should ask her about him). Maybe you already know about him.

Better get back to my bacteria. Later!