Wednesday, August 31, 2005

another entry, so soon???

hey wow i'm making another entry and its only been a couple days. not much has really happened since my previous blog. i bought a cd (which i've been wanting to buy for quite a while now). it's the newest Fall Out Boy cd, which was a bit more than i would normally pay, but i had some money left over from my budget from the last couple weeks (its amazing how not going out saves heaps of money).

tonight i have rez sport (indoor soccer) against another one of the ressies. it must be getting close to the finals or such of the round robin games as there are only 4 different ressies and we've been playing for at least 4 weeks. i need to get a new pair of indoor soccer shoes sometime as i've almost worn thru the bottom of the ones that i have. oh well i could always just wear my running shoes (actually that's what i'm doing now). i suppose it could be time to just move my running shoes to my regular shoes, since that's usually what i do. i have a pair of indoor shoes or running shoes for a while and then once the old pair gets too worn out they just move down or whatnot.

yup thats about it. i do have some pics that i've had for a while that i haven't put in my photo album. maybe sometime during this week or the 2 week break i'll put them online. whenever i do i'll let yous know. till then, laters

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