Thursday, September 01, 2005

vanilla = car not starting

yup so i'm in the computer lab again just checking my email and such before my next class which is in an hour.

anyways i thought i'd write something funny that caught my attention in my statistics class this morning. the lecturer was saying that there was this person who bought a new pontiac car and that when he went to get ice cream (that his family voted on the flavor for) the car wouldn't start everytime he bought vanilla ice cream, but would start whenever he bought any other flavor. the guy then wrote to pontiac about it and so pontiac sent an engineer to study and figure out why (i think they had some extra money lying around that they figured what the hey this could be interesting). anyways after the engineer rode in the car and studied everything, he came to the conclusion that the car didn't have enough time to cool down or whatnot when the guy was buying vanilla ice cream. the vanilla ice cream was the closest to the door or something so it was the easiest/quickest to get, while the other ones required the guy to be in the store a little bit longer and therefore allowing the car to cool down. i'm hoping i can find a job like the engineer had, but i highly doubt it. oh well.

well soccer last night was fun, we lost but it was still fun. i think i'm about to wear thru the bottom of my indoor shoes, as i've already worn thru the rubber, some of the foam stuff and plus more of the stuff above the foam or whatnot. plus everytime i play indoor more of the rubber gets worn away/torn off from the running, stopping, turning, etc.

oh yeah, got a care package yesterday (thanks mom/dylan). kinda sad there wasn't any random stuff, but oh well. i had some people try the country time lemonade and most of them said it was kinda bitter.sour. i was just like umm....yeah that would be the lemon flavor.

not much else, today is just my busy day (for the most part) since i start at 9:30 and go until 6:30 with a few hour breaks inbetween. anyways i got some other things to do before my class, so laters


Ashley said...

hey ... i actually have something i'd like to send your way ... could you email me your regular address?

Ashley said...

Okay, now for a real comment. I never knew ice cream could have such an effect on a car ... Maybe I could account for some Flying Jeep problems that way? (Actually, I think I account for most of them just by calling it the "Flying Jeep") And I want a job like that! Don't think there's much call for ice-cream-investigating chem-es, though ... Hmmm ...