Sunday, September 18, 2005

Back to Canberra and classes.

so i made it to and from melbourne just fine, although there were a couple of times in the city were i just closed my eyes and let the people driving drive.

melbourne was fun though. didn't spend as much as i thought i was going to which was a good thing. spent some money where i didn't think i'd spend it (i went to a ballet). the ballet was Sleeping Beauty. it was definately different than anything else. although not sure if i'd necessarily would go to another one (by the end of the 3rd act or what not i was having a hard time sitting still). another thing i did in melbourne was went to brighton beach, which has heaps of brightly painted huts (i have pics, but i haven't added them to my photo album yet). also, went and saw the 12 apostles along the great ocean road. they're rocks or whatnot sticking out of the ocean, but i don't think there are actually 12 of them. actually i know there's not 12 as one just collapsed in the last month or so, but i think there's closer to only like 8 or something. oh well. i have pics of them too, but some of them didn't turn out very well, or at all. for some reason several of the shots where i was facing the sun, the pics just came out black. on friday we went to the queen victoria markets, which is more or less to me, just feels like a flea market or something. kinda hard to explain. didn't find anything to buy there, but i think that's 'cause i'm too specific in what i buy. did see a crocodile belt and was gonna get it (yes for you alex), but it was over $200, so i decided against it. also thought i'd get a leather jacket, but that was also more than i was gonna be willing to spend. oh well i spent enough on food while i was there.

well i should probably get some studying done now that i'm back in canberra, but just thought i'd let everyone know that i made it back to canberra alright. laters

oh yeah, i saw a couple of old mustangs here, one with the steering wheel on the left and one with it on the right.

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mom said...

Glad to see you had a good time as I think your travel days will be over soon when you get back to the states... Just giving you a hard time as you need to see the sights while you're there. Only 2 months left.