Sunday, September 11, 2005

1 day of solid study

ok, so the trip to sydney was fun. really didn't do too much while up there, just heaps of walking around and looking at stuff to buy (although i really didn't have the money to buy anything, and the shopping in melbourne is suppose to be better). i did buy a pair of shorts though (only 'cause they were on sale and i liked them, kinda thinking i shoulda got one of the other colors instead though, oh well). oh yeah i also bought a long sleeve shirt as it was only $10, which i thought was a pretty good bargin. went to the beach twice (kinda). the first time was just walking along the beach on a path (didn't even touch the sand) eatting ice cream (although it was kinda cloudy and a bit chilly). the 2nd time actually laid out on the beach for about an hour. didn't go into the water though, a couple people that i was with went in, but not for very long as the water was cold so they say (which was why i didn't even try to go in). and yup that was about the extent of the trip, surprisingly didn't do any clubbing or whatnot, which actually ended up saving me heaps of money as drinks are expensive in Sydney.

there's so much i need to do today in the form of studying and whatnot. actually right now i'm just waiting to meet up with a couple of people for a group project.

....ok little tangent as i just had to change the computer lab i was in, as there was a lab i guess that has the room. the only thing is, is that it is class free period right now so i didn't think they could hold labs for this week and last week. although maybe its just a time that the teacher said that they'd have the lab if they wanted to come in and work on an assignment or something and be able to get help with it. oh well, there's plenty of computers.....

anyways, like i said i'm just waiting to have a group meeting. today is like the only day that i'd be able to meet as i'm heading to melbourne tomorrow afternoon. i'm hoping it's gonna be heaps of fun, which i think it should be as its a road trip, and for the most part road trips are usually fun. along the same line i was talking to some people a while ago and they said that we should take a road trip to melbourne and whatnot, but then went on saying that airline tickets weren't that much from canberra to melbourne. i was really confused as i thought a road trip meant driving (which i said to them). they responding with saying that it was too long of a drive, when i asked how long it took they said like 6hrs. i was kinda laughing on the inside thinking "that's nothing", especially since for soccer we drive 5 1/2 or so just to play a game in aber daber (aberdeen for all you non-south dakotans) and then to drive back afterwards. i'm kinda rambling now, but anyways the point is..?.?...actually i don't know if there was a point, oh well.
oh wait maybe it was that the some people's perception of a long drive is a lot shorter than mine (and heaps of you that read this).

well not much to say and this is already kinda a long blog, so laters

PS i can't wait to get back so i can make fun of you in person as well Ashli :)

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grrr...what is with the completely stupid comments on the blogs lately that are pretty much just like spam??? i get excited when i find that someone commented on what i wrote, but then get pissed when its just spam or whatnot. anyways, laters