Friday, September 02, 2005

updated photo albums

hey so i finally put some more pics in my photo albums. i made new album, which is Surf Trip #2 and i added 3 pics to the UC photo album (pics of my new room). here's the addy again for the different albums:

not much else is really happening since my last entry. i'm done with classes now for a couple of weeks. although i'm gonna be doing heaps of studying and whatnot as i have 2 tests and an assignment due when classes start again.

oh yeah, the volleyball club called me yesterday to see if i'd be able to play in the tourney they're hosting this weekend. of course i said yes, since i'm not going to melbourne (couldn't get hold of the exchange students that were going). i'm just hoping i don't have to help line/ref the games. i'm also hoping the games don't go all that late (that they're all done by 9pm). all i know is that i have a game at 6 tonight. i don't even know how many games i'm going to be playing. oh well, it'll be fun, i just hope i don't roll my ankle again. i'll just have to make sure i wear the ankle brace and/or tape it.

so yeah, that's it for now. i'll let everyone know how the tourney goes this weekend. till then (or until i get bored enough to go to a comp lab), laters

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