Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Charlie and the Choc Factory

so i saw Charlie and the chocolate factory last night (its only been out here for less than a week). i thought it was pretty funny. not quite sure if i think its better than the first one, but it was funny. my favorite part is definately when Wonka said that everything in the room was edible, including himself, but that was called cannibalism. i was laughing so hard i was kinda crying, i don't know why i just thought it was hilarious.

anyways, kinda sad today, well not too much sad, but not sure what the best word is for my mood. Tina, the exchange student coordinator has resigned and today is her last day of work (Claire, other exchange student coordinator resigned earlier this semester and moved to Canada for a year or so). it's just kinda sad or whatnot that the two people that made coming to UC such a blast with the trips that they had planned and everything else that they did. i guess that there's something about UC not really recognizing all the work that the 2 did, but it's UCs loss now.

oh yeah, also for some reason lately i've been thinking a lot of what its gonna be like when this semester is over with having to say bye to everyone here and whatnot. kinda depressing in a way. it'll be great to see all of you back in the states, but it'll still be really sad to leave here. i can always come back i guess.

on a different note, i'm gonna be heading to Sydney tomorrow arvo and then getting back to Canberra on Sunday. i'll try to make a post on monday as i'm gonna be heading to Melbourne on tuesday around 1:30 and won't be getting back until the saturday or so.

something else, hopefully i'll have some money to spend during this break as i just turned in my scholarship yesterday, so i'm hoping i'll get a check or whatnot written out to me so i can go cash it so i can go spend it (hopefully not all of it though). anyways i'm tired of trying to type this and talk to people on instant messenger. laters

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Jen said...

I saw that movie this summer too and really liked it! I am not sure if i like it better than the original, but Johnny Depp does a really good job at Willy Wonka. All of the characters filled their roles well!