Thursday, September 22, 2005

Tests done with and Assignment ready to turn in

well i just got done with my 2nd test this week about 1/2 an hour ago. just glad all my tests are done with (for now) and that my assignment is also done and ready to turn in. my last test kinda bugged me. it was for my engineering management class, and was over microeconomic stuff. the part that bugged me was that it was mostly define this term or define that term. just because you can define what the difference is between accounting profit and economic profit doesn't mean that you now how to apply the 2. oh well, it was a 2 hour test, but at least 1/2 the class had left before i did and i was only there for a little over 1 hour. i'm just hoping i was able to define things well enough.

oh yeah and of course it had to be quite nice that last several days which made it really hard to sit inside and actually study and work on my assignment. although if i woulda studied and worked on my assignments during the break i wouldn't of had to do so much cramming, but i was having fun in sydney and melbourne so it was worth it (in my opinion, which may change if i end up getting really bad grades on my tests and assignment).

not much else is going on. might end up going to a movie tonight, although it's not cheap tuesday. oh well, having not been drinking (surprisingly) for like over 5 weeks i have money to spend on other things. its really amazing how much going out a couple nights a week ends up costing (especially when you don't like beer all that much, so you get the mixed drinks and by you i'm refering me).

well i'm gonna go get something to eat and turn in my assignment before i have my lab, which is in about an hour. laters

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