Monday, September 05, 2005

4th Place

Well the team i was on for the vball tourney came in 4th place (out of 4). although it wasn't too big of a surprise as i think the team i was on was just thrown together so there would be 4 teams in the tourney. i think there were only like 3 of us that played in all 7 of the games. for one of the games they had me playing front middle, which in my opinion is a huge mistake since that position is usually for the tallest person, not so much for one of the shortest player. oh well there was a free bbq saturday arvo (afternoon) and free brekkie (breakfast, and i think i spelled it wrong) on sunday.

oh yeah i am going to be going to melbourne this break after all. Lisa one of the exchange students that was also here last semester called and said the she was going down with a couple of friends who were renting a car and she remembered i said i hadn't been there yet. i think it should be a fun trip. its about an 8 hr drive there, yeah for road trips. i really don't plan on driving any of it as i'm still iffy about being on the left side of the road still. we're leaving on the 13th and getting back on the 17th (not sure what days those actually are). not sure when exactly (time wise), but we're getting together tomorrow around 10:30ish and are going to decide when over coffee and whatnot. maybe i'll be able to get a new pair of indoor shoes while i'm there, as melbourne's supposedly the place to go for shoes. actually i think melbourne's the place to go for shopping in general (which means i'll probably be spending $$$ on souvenirs and whatnot as i haven't really bought any yet). i just gotta make sure i'll have room in my suit cases when i come back. although i really didn't buy anything last semester, or this semester for that matter. i did buy a couple of shirts and a pair of pants (but i don't think a couple of the pairs of pants i brought with me are gonna make it back as they're getting a bit holey, really comfortable, but really holey nonetheless).

oh yeah, i have a scholarship check i need to cash or whatnot. although its made out to UC, so i'm not sure if i'll actually get the money for it or if i'll just get credit back (not really me presay, as it was dad's credit card that i used, so he'd be the one that would get the credit back). either way it means that i will either have "more" money to spend or that i don't have to pay back as much when i get back.

hmmm....what else???? can't really think of anything, but i hope everyone (who's in the states and reading this, although i don't know many that would be reading it that aren't in the states) is having a nice fun and relaxing labor day weekend. my 3-day labour day (yes labour not labor) weekend is at the beginning of october or something like that. i just know i'm gonna be going to a concert that last for the 3 days or close to 3 days. its called stumpfest and it happens every year. i think it happens at camp ground or something as i had to (well Laura, the one that talked me into going, had to) figure out tents/sleeping arrangements for both of us. i'm gonna be staying in a tent with some of her friends from back home (nelson bay area). the bands that play are all christian ones, but from the ones that i've listened to (the ones that have songs on, sound pretty good. i'm just hoping that there's not a big religious feeling there (nothing against it, just not for me), but i was told that there really isn't, so it should be fun.

anyways, this is getting kinda long and i'm getting tired of starring at the computer screen. hope all is going well for everyone, laters

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