Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Polynomial Land

well not too much has gone on since my last post. went to the uni bar (the bar on campus) on friday night, but no body was really there, so really didn't stay all that long. the weekdays have been pretty uneventful. i need to start studying and working on an assignment, which are both due next week. the assignment is only suppose to take a couple hours, although i really shouldn't procrastinate on it like i usually do.

oh yeah this weekend i'm going to a concert where you camp out and such (as it starts friday night and goes until monday morning or something like that). i'm hoping my friends aren't building it up too much that it's not as fun as they say. either way though i'm pretty sure i'll have a fun time.

also, just bought my ticket for the Res Ball, which is next weekend. from the name you can guess its a formal thingy (not too formal though). i keep telling people that i'm just gonna wear jeans and everyone looks at me and tells me "no you're not". i did bring a pair of khaki dress pants so i could always wear those, but who knows. actually i still have the dark green suit i bought last semester for the horse races. anyways the tickets for Res Ball were $85 although that includes a dinner, free beer and a few other kinds of drinks (until they run out), and "recovery day" (which i'm not too sure what it is). i'm sure it'll be a fun time.

not sure what else to talk about, so laters

PS if you're wondering why the title makes no sense as i didn't talk about anything dealing with polynomials its because i couldn't think of a title and i just thought of my lecture yesterday (or a couple days ago, i forget) when my teacher said "in polynomial land . . . " or something like that. laters

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