Tuesday, October 04, 2005


well made it back from the concert thingy and all. it was pretty good. i would rate it at about a 7.5 out of 10. i think during the camping or whatnot i got bit by something as i have 2 little bumps on my arm. hopefully if something did bite me it wasn't all that poisonous.

this week is going to be kinda boring, well that is until the weekend when Rez Ball is. i still need to find something to wear, although i am really tempted to just wear jeans. oh well. oh yeah back to this week. its just gonna be a bit stressful, just with an assignment being due and a test later this week as well.

yup, not much else to say.

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Ashley said...

hehehe ... magic missiles ... So, how's it going? I'm bored. I'm doing homework. A lot. I don't have a life. (Not that I had much of one before, but now I REALLY don't.) And now I need to stop rambling on your blog comments.