Tuesday, October 18, 2005

door tried to eat me

ok, so it was actually a couple days ago that a door tried to eat me, but still. it was one of those automatic sliding open doors and it was starting to close but i just kept walking and i don't think the sensor thingy "saw" me so the doors just continued to close. however, i escaped unscathed (one of the positives of being kinda small).

still not much new, just working on projects and assignments (well kinda, mostly just the projects as they're worth more). when the due dates start to get a lot closer (as they already are kinda close) then i'll start working on the assignments, but my main objective now is to do well on the things that are worth more of my grade.

looking forward to next weekend as there's a 2-day concert thing. there's gonna be a dozen bands or so i think they said. i'll have to look up to see which bands are playing. there's one punk band that people keep saying is playing and the name sounds really familiar (although i can't think of it right now) so i'm pretty sure i've heard their songs. i just looked it up and the band i'm thinking of is The Living End. if you want to check it out for yourself the webpage for it is www.stonefest.com.au

well i have class soon. laters


Josie said...

yes it's the living end that you've heard of. does your mother know you're going to something called "STONEfest"?

daz said...

well she does now as she has the addy to my blog and i assume she reads it. it used to be called stoneweek 'cause the events went on all week. not sure why it's called what it is, but it might say on the history page of the url for it.

daz said...

k i checked on the history page for stonefest and it's called stonefest 'cause it commemorates (did i spell that right) the unveiling of the foundation stone or something like that of the school when it was opened.